Incentive & Reward Programs

Reward & Incentive Program

ProMark works with your team to create and manage full-service incentive, loyalty and reward solutions that maximize the impact of the people and the relationships that drive your business.

Our clients look to us for customer reward and channel loyalty incentive programs to build stronger relationships with, and to build loyalty of dealers, resellers, and end-users supporting their products.

We will:

  • Create and implement a platform for employee reward and recognition programs to improve employee retention and drive positive behaviors.
  • Develop a platform for sales incentives to motivate sales forces and boost revenue growth.
  • Design safety programs to promote positive action toward building a safer production floor.
  • Help to incentivize wellness activities to have a healthier work-force.
  • Run multiple reward program types on one platform.

Our Loyalty, Reward & Incentive Solutions

These programs can come in many shapes and sizes, for just about any business purpose. Let ProMark help you develop a successful incentive program to fit your business needs.

Customer / End-user Loyalty Reward Programs Dealer / Distributor / Reseller Channel Sales Incentive Programs Employee Reward and Recognition Programs Sales Force / Sales Team Incentives and Rewards

  • Safety Programs
  • Wellness Incentives
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer retention
  • Customer rewards
  • Dealer Incentives
  • Distributor sales
  • Channel sales
  • Reseller / VAR
  • Employee rewards
  • Employee incentives
  • Employee performance
  • Employee morale
  • Sales force motivation
  • Sales performance
  • Sales promotion
  • Sales incentive plans

You never have to worry about faulty program designs, muddled pricing or unexpected administration requirements when you work with ProMark Solutions. We deliver programs designed to meet your specific business needs and provide all of the guidance and support needed to reach your goals and objectives. For more information on how we can deliver the results you need with an incentive, loyalty or reward program, please Contact Us