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ProMark's creative teams can help you discover and develop out-of- the-box marketing ideas for out-of-this-world results!

We pride ourselves on building your company's brand using a variety of printing and decoration methods. Using an innovative combination of creative services, cutting-edge creative concepts, and promotional products, we help you establish and maintain your presence within your industry. Our award-winning creative group works with you and your team from concept development and design to production and packaging to provide the marketing solutions you need to enhance your brand identity and set your logo apart from your competition.

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Success Stories

A Cut Above the Rest

Client Brief: Many marketers must deal with various methods of cutting through the clutter and securing new business opportunities. Utilizing a Swiss Army© knife and comparing the functions of that knife to what the salesperson did created a unique venue for gaining appointments.

Objective: To generate a higher than normal response rate to cold calling and direct mail. Desired result was to achieve a 20% response rate and six new client meetings.

Execution & Strategy: A creative marketing piece was sent to 137 targeted prospective new clients. The marketing piece was designed to create a connection between two unlike objects: a salesperson and a Swiss Army© knife. A comparison was made to each of the functions of the knife and how it related to the salesperson and, more importantly, how that connection benefitted the prospect.

Overall Results: The marketing piece generated an astronomical 86% response rate and nearly 104 client meetings either via phone or in person. This exceeded the projections - 300% for the response rates and 1700% for client meetings.

Hot Creative...Delivered

Client Brief: Wanting to create a small, yet powerful, direct marketing campaign that would be impactful, and drive measurable results. The conventional way of doing things wasn't working and was becoming antiquated. It was decided to take a different approach to our marketing efforts. The ultimate desire was to work smarter with a higher level of creativity.

Objective: To generate maximum impact through the use of an untraditional marketing campaign with measurable results. We were looking to generate a 50% open ratefor appointments and three new accounts.

Execution & Strategy: A custom box was created with a slogan on the front reading, "Sometimes a slice of..." and inside the box the balance of the text read, "...creativity is all it takes - another Hot Creative from Cliff Quicksell, Jr., MAS+". The target audience was comprised of 12 prospective marketing directors. The marketing piece, along with a medium cheese pizza, was delivered with a personalized pizza cutter to the recipient at 11:00 AM. One was delivered each day for 12 consecutive days in order to follow up effectively.

Overall Results: The marketing piece generated an amazing response rate of 100% and generated over $27,000.00 in new business! This was spawned by seven new clients with a 100% open rate, exceeding our projections by 233%. The first year's sales obtained from these new clients topped $100,000.00.

Is Your Marketing Just Coasting?

Campaign Type: Self-Promotion Door Opener

Objective: To develop a welcoming door-opener that focused on the companies values and strengths.

Execution & Strategy: A unique theme of, "Is Your Business Just Coasting?" was developed that shed light on the varies areas that the marketer was able to bring to the client. A leatherette coaster in the shape of a puzzle piece was created, emblazoned with the marketing companies logo die stamped on the face. The custom, color coordinated box and business card tied the whole program together. Additionally a 5" x 5" two-sided card with contact information and capabilities is inserted in the box.

Overall Results: At a time when it's difficult to get past the gate-keeper this campaign has been a great success. On average, the marketing firms that utilized this marketing campaign garnered an amazing 46% appointment rate.

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